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Cristo Rey Village

Seeking the safest place to stay in Belize? Our lodge prioritizes your safety and security, making us the ideal choice for your Belizean adventure. Situated directly on the Macal River, Cristo Rey Village is nestled in a lush jungle between San Ignacio and the Mountain Pine Ridge area of the Cayo District.  Cristo Rey Village was settled by the Mayan and much of that cultural influence still exists.  Furthermore, Cristo Rey village boasts a population of approximately 700 mostly ‘Mestizo’ (Mexican + Mayan heritage) residents.  While English is the official language, the villagers grow up speaking Spanish, and start learning English in school about the age of 4 years old.  And you may also hear Kriol and Mayan spoken in the village.

Our village is a beautiful place to live, mostly because of all the wonderful Belizeans that welcomed us with open arms! On any given day you’ll see kids going door-to-door selling homemade goodies, or veggies from their gardens. The tortilla man delivers fresh tortillas twice a day (Sun-Fri) – for @ $1 U.S. a pound! There is a small convenience grocery store directly across the road from us. There you’ll find just about everything you need for simple meals.

Safest Place in Belize
Cristo Rey School Children, Lucky Dreamer Lodge
Cristo Rey Belize

Just a short walk down the road are “Carms” & “Sandals” two local restaurants that serve made to order local-style meals. A short walk up the road is a place to go horseback riding! About a mile down the road is a local spot called “The Showers” – a waterfall area, that very few tourists know about. And it’s free!

Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures/Activities

Look no further than our lodge, for the safest place in Belize, where we provide a secure and tranquil environment for all our guests.

We are a jumping off point for all the local adventures including Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, ATM cave, Cave Tubing, Ziplining, Tikal, Caracol, etc….. San Ignacio is a quick 10 minute drive.

Here are some additional adventures/activities nearby:

ATV tours (2 hour or 4.5 hour trips) A 1 minute drive from us! The longer trip includes a short hike to a waterfall in Elijio Panti National Park. List item
U Janal Masawal – (10 min drive). A Maya Cultural Education Center which includes learning how to write your name in Maya Glyphs, as well as a hands-on Maya cooking class option.
Two Maya Cooking Experiences that include the meal (5 min & 15 min drives)
Oxmul Coffee. (10 minute drive). They grow, harvest, dry, roast and sell their coffee onsite. Tours include a free cup of coffee. And they recently opened a Butterfly Farm.
Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Hotel (15 min drive). Super fun, where you can hold iguanas, and baby iguanas can crawl on you!
Ajaw Chocolate Demonstrations (15 min drive). They also offer a separate tour of their Cacao Farm.
There is a cave tour in a canoe with no hiking or swimming involved. It is dark with just headlamps. That would be Barton Creek Cave. (20 min drive)
Ziplining at Calico Jacks (25 min drive)
Jungle Pontoon Water Adventure (45 min drive), that takes you to 5 different waterfalls
Mountain Pine Ridge (FREE) – specifically …..
– Big Rock Falls (30 min drive)
– Rio On Pools (15 min beyond Big Rock Falls)
– Rio Frio Cave (15 mins beyond Rio On Pools)
Several butterfly farms: A large one is about 30 mins from us – near ziplining & Barton Creek Cave

Getting Around

We recommend for longer distance ground transportation within Belize.  They are reasonably priced (for this area).

We recommend two taxi drivers, Miguel & Pastor.  The price for one way to or from San Ignacio should be $25-$30 BZ based on time of day.  Always confirm price before getting into the Taxi, and that it is quoted in Belize dollars.

Belize bus, public transportation
Belize bus, public transportation

The local bus and shuttle services stop right in front of our property from 7am to about 5pm daily, Mon-Saturday. (There is no public transportation available on Sunday, other than taxi service) The bus & shuttle cost @ $1 U.S. each way, per person. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

Note: You can catch just about any Taxi in San Ignacio and they will all tell you they know exactly where we are…… 99% don’t know.

Guest Access

Guests have access to the 1.6 acre property, which includes a genuine Mayan mound (yes, you WILL find Mayan pottery, guaranteed!) but you have to leave it behind.

Other features include a shared outdoor dining area/kitchen with a full-size frig and charcoal grill. There is also a double sink and 6-burner gas stove and oven – and lots of countertop space.

We also have a guest laundry facility where guests can do laundry for no additional charge. Please let us know if you want to do laundry so we can turn on the butane and electricity.

We grow fruits, herbs and vegetables. You are welcome to anything ready to harvest! See the list of our Edible Landscape for the over 50 varieties planted on our property. [And we haven’t listed them all!]

List of Edible Landscape plants at Lucky Dreamer Lodge

There is a 2-person kayak available at no extra charge, as well as two inner tubes for use on the Macal River – which is in our backyard! We recommend guests that want to take out the kayak, paddle up river only in the morning and then casually float back to our property.

Pick-up service for the kayak is not available. There are places to stop upriver where you can safely dock our kayak. There are no secure places downriver to dock (other than the Belize Raptor Center). San Ignacio is down river and therefore it is not feasible to kayak to San Ignacio.

There are dams on the river, so in the afternoon the river rises and flows quicker – that’s why we recommend kayaking only in the morning.

Please note that the bicycles are available to use within our village. They are ‘used’ bikes and would not fare well on the roads outside of our village.

Other Details to Note

We are fully licensed and Gold Standard Certified by the Belize Tourism Board. (License #2078). There are a LOT accommodations in Belize that are not licensed (a few in our village) – so please ask them before booking, if the listing doesn’t mention their BTB license#.

Safest Place in Belize

We do not charge a Housekeeping/Cleaning Fee!

Please note that we are required to collect 9% sales tax. This tax is automatically included when you book your stay.

We do not charge any automatic gratuities.

We are a member of ‘Pack for a Purpose’ – we collect donated supplies for two local organizations – Cayo Animal Welfare Society and the Cristo Rey R.C. Village School.

Cristo Rey Village is in the jungle region of Belize. While this provides incredible beauty and natural wonders, it also means that heat, humidity, sudden tropical squalls, power outages and water outages are not uncommon (However, we do have a back-up generator, and back-up water supply & pump).

We have free high speed wi-fi service on the property and in the bungalow. It is fast (35mbps) and reliable! However, if the power to the village goes out, we do lose internet service, but that doesn’t happen often.

We strive for a calm, serene & relaxing environment; and most of the time it is just that. However, the local birds are very active as daylight breaks, and the Howler Monkeys can be a bit startling at night. We are also in the middle of a small, but active village. Sometimes the neighboring roosters, dogs, church music, road traffic, etc. can be heard. For those guests who are extremely noise sensitive please keep these things in mind.

Remember, if you’re looking for the Safest Place in Belize for your next vacation, Cristo Rey Village should be on your short list!

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