Dining & Local Groceries

In Cristo Rey Village

Welcome to our dining guide for Cristo Rey, Belize (and the surrounding area)! When you stay at Lucky Dreamer Lodge you’ll find a variety of dining and grocery options to satisfy your culinary cravings. In our charming village of Cristo Rey, Belize, discover quaint local eateries and grocers offering fresh, local produce and traditional Belizean fare.

Just a short drive away, the nearby towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio also have several restaurants that we highly recommend. From delicious street food to fine dining experiences, we help you navigate the best of local cuisine and ensure your taste buds are delighted throughout your stay. Here are our top recommendations!

Cristo Rey Belize

Carm’s Home Baking & Cooking – is about 1/10th of a mile up the road from us. Great Belizean Food, Service & Prices! We can usually eat for under $15 U.S. total! She is open Mon-Sat 7am-8pm, and Sundays until 5pm. She delivers for free. And she takes pre-orders for next day deliveries too!

Sandal’s – about 3/10ths of a mile from us. They have about the same variety of Belizean food as Carm’s, but they also have a full liquor license. If their gate is open, they’re open – even if their lights are off. Their operating hours aren’t always consistent though.

Papa Ben’s Deli & Frozen Drinks – they are about 2/10ths of a mile from us, and are only open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. They have a limited menu, focusing on wings, poppers and frozen drinks.

Juarez Grocery Store – Located directly across the road from our driveway!  They don’t have a sign, but if the door on the left is open, they are open – usually from 7am-9pm daily.  They are a small convenience-type store, carrying the basics like eggs, bread, sugar, drinks, snacks, some veggies, frozen chicken & beef, and a bunch of other stuff!

Cristo Rey Belize

The Jones’ own a farm so many of their fruits and vegetables are the freshest you can get in the area!

Jones Vegetable Stand – Located two doors down from us.  Take a Right turn out of our driveway, go past the house next door to us.  Then head down the dirt driveway on the right (see photo).  Head for the part of the house circled in yellow.

Cristo Rey Belize

They are always ready to welcome our guests!

From Cristo Rey Village San Ignacio

The Bluff – is about half-way between Cristo Rey & San Ignacio. They have a more ‘American-oriented’ menu, with great burgers & onion rings! They also have a full bar. Sometimes they’ll have live music on a weekend night.

Tipico Salvadoreno – a literal hole-in-the-wall at the very bottom of the hill from Cristo Rey to San Ignacio.  Turn right at the bottom of the hill and it will be on your right, directly across the road from the gas station.  The best papusas around!  And super cheap.

In San Ignacio

Cenaida’s Belizean Cooking – is our favorite sit-down Belizean restaurant. They have a wide variety of Belizean ‘comfort’ foods. Located on West Street in the middle of the downtown area.

Jalapeno’s – is another good Belizean restaurant with a nice view of the valley – just outside of San Ignacio proper. (On the way to Xunantunich).

Guava Limb – is our favorite non-Belizean restaurant. They have the best desserts in Belize – so order that first and have them save it for you. Guava Limb makes their own bread & pasta, and have an organic farm where they source most of their vegetables. Even though they are a little bit more expensive than the other restaurants included here, they are well worth it. They also have the best vegan & vegetarian options.

If you head to Xunantunich

Benny’s Kitchen – is not to be missed! The largest selection of Authentic Belizean food in the area, like Cow’s Foot Soup, Royal Rat, Pigtails, and so much more. My favorite is the Pork Pibil.